School Supply Shop

The School Supply Shop is housed in the new Multi-Purpose Centre. The School Supply Shop sells new Cliffview branded clothing and good quality secondhand uniform items at very reasonable prices as well as all the stationery your child will require during the school year. It is the only stockist of the school cap, Polar Fleece, Cliffies RR, and Gr R T-Shirts, the Cliffview pencil bag, kit bag, and foundation phase backpack.




Mon-Fri 07:00 – 08:00 + 12:00 – 14:00

NEW ITEMSSECOND HAND ITEMS (Subject to availability)
Badges (Iron-On)R 40.00Badges Shirt R 5.00
Badges (Sew-On)R 35.00BeaniesR 20.00
Cliffview Backpack - JuniorR 300.00BlazersR 100.00
Cliffview Backpack - SeniorR 350.00Bomber JacketsR 100.00
Cliffview CapR 70.00Cricket HatR 20.00
Cliffview Fleece Tops Age 13 +R 275.00Fleece TopsR 85.00
Cliffview Fleece Tops Age 5 - 8R 250.00GlovesR 5.00
Cliffview Kit BagR 275.00GogglesR 20.00
Cliffview Lunch BoxR 100.00Grade 7 Shirts R 80.00
Cliffview Padded Dry MacR 300.00Grade R & RR Shirts R 50.00
Cliffview Pencil Case R 100.00Grade R & RR Green ShortsR 50.00
Grade 7 Shirts - PrefectR 200.00Grey Pants R 25.00
Grade 7 Shirts - RedR 180.00Grey Shorts R 25.00
Grade R & RR ShortsR 120.00House T Shirts R 10.00
Grade R Golf ShirtsR 120.00Jerseys R 20.00
Grade RR Floppy HatR 75.00PE Shorts Green - Rugby StyleR 20.00
Grade RR T-shirtR 100.00 Prefect Shirts R 80.00
House T Shirts R 65.00Rain Coat R 50.00
Socks - GreyR 100.00ScarfR 20.00
Sport - Girls Kit - VestR 160.00SkortsR 20.00
Sport -Girls Kit - ShortsR 160.00 SocksR 5.00
Sport Socks - 1st TeamR 100.00Sport Socks R 10.00
Sport -Cricket 1st Socks - long WhiteR 100.00 Sports Shirts R 50.00
Sport Cricket 1st Team ShirtR 160.00Sports Shorts R 50.00
Sport - Cricket - 1st - Shorts- WhiteR 80.00Swim Costumes Boys R 20.00
Sport Socks R 100.00Swim Costumes Girls R 20.00
Sport Shorts R 150.00 Swimming Caps R 20.00
Sports ShirtsR 150.00Tracksuit Pants R 50.00
Sports Shirts - 1st TeamR 150.00Tracksuit Top R 50.00
Sports Shorts - 1st TeamR 150.00White Long Sleeve Shirts R 20.00
Stockings - GreenR 40.00White Short Sleeve Shirts R 20.00
Swim Costumes Boys - ShortsR 150.00WindbreakersR 50.00
Swim Costumes Girls R 150.00
Swimming Caps - GoldR 70.00
Swimming Caps - OtherR 65.00

Prices subject to change without notice.