Sports Policy

Cliffview Primary School is very conscious of the contribution that we make to the total education of all our learners. Sport / Cultural activities are a major aspect offering the participant an opportunity to:


  • Enjoy a Healthy Body & Healthy Mind.
  • Have a sense of achievement.
  • Relax.
  • Socialise and at the same time, offer the spectator a recreational pastime.


These activities are an important component in education. A degree of competence in these activities gives a child confidence, ability to communicate, and feeling of self-worth and social acceptance, which enhances development and compliments study, providing a healthy and balanced approach to work and play. The various opportunities, which we offer our learners, form part of our school timetable as well as the Extra Mural Timetable. During the time tabled school programme, our children are offered the opportunity of seeing their peers and educators in a ‘different light’ away from the classroom situation. Often new friendships and bonds are formed, which are extremely beneficial to the learners. Sport activities provide spectator value, which is immeasurable throughout the world.



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