Senior Intermediate Phase

At Cliffview each child is challenged and encouraged to reach his full potential through active participation. From Grade 5, our pupils are exposed to specialist teachers, where the emphasis is on subject teaching rather than class teaching.


Cliffview offers: English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Science, Social Science (History and Geography combined), Music and Computers. Life Skills which includes entrepreneurial skills, problem solving, developing self-esteem and study skills rounds off the holistic curriculum. Remedial assistance is also available on the campus.


Cliffview endeavours to attract highly qualified, motivated and dedicated teachers. Our teachers use varied methods in curriculum delivery, including innovative lessons designed for the Smart board, the use of data projectors and two computer laboratories for research. Our specialist rooms are well-equipped to support all the learning areas.


The professional development of our staff is of great importance in maintaining quality at Cliffview. Our teachers are encouraged to upgrade their qualifications and keep abreast of new and current developments in education.


Numeracy, Literacy and Life Skills cover the essential academic foundation. To supplement learning in the classrooms, tours and excursions are offered which are aligned to the curriculum.


Cliffview has state-of-the art Smart boards throughout Grade 1 to 7, and the skills that are learnt are integrated into the other subjects.


In preparing our learners for high school, our grade sixes and sevens write exams twice a year. This allows our learners the benefit of entering the high school environment with exam skills and greater confidence.


Our Code of Conduct and discipline system is corrective and supportive, rather than punitive. Using the trained counsellors on the staff the discipline problems are identified and dealt with in their early stages; preventing them from snowballing.

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