Thank you for your interest in Cliffview Primary School. Please be advised while our application process is very through we do our best to ensure it is a smooth process. It is important that all relevant information is collected in order to comply with GDE guidelines.
Cliffview does not host “Open Days”. We do however arrange a Walkabout Morning” for Gr RR, R, and 1parents in the first term for prospective parents to view the facilities before admissions open for the following year.


Grade RR and R admissions are done at the school in term 1 – electronic submission of admissions documentation is not accepted at Cliffview.


This process will be communicated from the GDE via the media. This 5 step process is done online at directly with the Department of Education (GDE) and not at school level.

Step 1- RegisterParent/Guardian Details
Step 2 –Register Home Address Details
Step 3 – Register Learner Details
Step 4 – Apply to a Maximum of five (5) schools
Step 5 – Upload documents to System OR Submit documents to the schools (within 7 weekdays of Applying)

• Parents are encouraged to use the home address within the feeder zone application option.
• Applications without a valid Proof of Home Address will be considered INCOMPLETE
• PLEASE do not submit fraudulent documents as schools have systems to verify such documents.
Parents are encouraged to apply to a minimum of 3 schools.



Applications for Grade 2 – 7 are done at the school. Please be reminded spaces are limited. Preference is given to learners who reside within the Feeder Zone. This process will open on the 1st of October and close on the 29th of November. Placement is not guaranteed, parents are urged to apply to a minimum of 3 schools.


All documentation received will be verified, should any documentation submitted be found to be fraudulent, we reserve the right to cancel the application. Please note we do not accept electronic submissions of application documentation.

  • Fully completed and signed “Additional Information” document. (to be collected from the school office).
  • Certified copy of Unabridged Birth Certificate of learner as well as the original for verification purposes.
  • Certified copies of both parents/legal guardians’ ID documents. /As well as the originals for verification purposes.
  • Certified copy of Divorce and Maintenance Agreement (if applicable).
  • Certified copies of death certificate if parent/s is/are deceased.
  • Certified copy of the Court Order granting Legal Guardianship (if applicable).
  • Where the parent/guardian is not the natural parent of the child – legal documentation supporting the legal relationship with the learner.
  • A copy of the Immunisation/Clinic Card with the 6 year booster completed as well as the original card for verification.
  • Proof of residential address of both parents.
  • Proof of residential address of both parents.Homeowner:
    1. Municipal account not older than 3 months in the name of the applicant parent bearing the full residential address


    1. Municipal account not older than 3 months in the name of the landlord (homeowner) bearing the full physical residential address
    2. Certified copies of the following documents:
      1. Landlord’s ID
      2. Lease agreement signed by landlord and tenant, not older than 3 months bearing the full physical residential address.
      3. Rental Payment slip (receipt) with full physical residential address not older than 3 months
      4. Full Lease Agreement


  • Proof of permanent work address for both parents/legal guardians.
  • Parents who work in our area must supply confirmation of ‘permanent’ employment from their employer.
  • Copy and original of Permanent Residence Permit/Study Permit if applicable.
  • Certified copies of current passports for parents/legal guardians and learner (Immigrants only).
  • Certified copy of the learner’s current Study Visa (Immigrants only).
  • Certified copies of valid Passports for both parents/legal guardians/caregivers (Immigrants only)
  • No faxed or e-mailed documents will be accepted.

Should any of the documentation submitted be found to be fraudulent, we reserve the right to cancel the application.


Enrolments for Grade 7 learners going to Grade 8 need to apply online at for high school. Parents, please note this is an important process and not to be left to the last minute. It is advised to apply to a minimum of 3 high schools.


The Feeder Zone is the area from which a school accepts its core intake.

  • The Feeder Zone determination promotes the Community Ownership of schools, Accessibility of learners to schools, the safety of learners, as well as, the economic benefit to parents.
  • To give effect to the Feeder Zone provision, the Gauteng Department of Education embarked on a broad consultative process with various stakeholders. The conceptualisation of the entire Feeder Zone process was a very complex process that was based on research, policy, legal analysis and the benchmarking of international best practice.
  • The national policy that guides the feeder Zones is the Admissions Policy for Ordinary Public Schools (Government Notice 2432 in Government Gazette 19377 of 19 October 1998 made in terms of the National Education Policy Act, 1996 (Act No. 27 of 1996) provides for school zoning.
  • The feeder zone determination is guided by the Principles and Criteria in the “GDE Policy for the Delimitation of Feeder Zones for Schools.” Schools that are excluded from the feeder zone determination comprise of special schools and focus schools because their intake cannot be limited to a feeder zone. Data collected in relation to the Principles and Criteria, the “As is” feeder zones (schools unofficial feeder zone) was used to determine feeder zones. The “As Is” formed the basis of consultation with schools. A proposed feeder zone is communicated to schools with a covering letter that gives schools a period of 30 days to indicate whether they agree or disagree. In cases where schools disagreed, they were required to motivate with a map for consideration through correspondence signed off by the Principal and Chairperson.
    After considering the representation from the school the recommendation from the school may be upheld or rejected on the basis of which they will receive a written response. The final feeder zone will be communicated through the promulgation of a Notice.
  • Feeder Zones will be reviewed every three years or sooner as a result of changes in the learner population and population dynamics in the school feeder zone



At Cliffview we do not host open days for Grade 1 to 7. We do however arrange a “Walkabout Morning” for Grade RR, R and 1 parents in the first term for prospective parents to view the school before admissions open. This is only available in Term 1.


These are to be directed to the Admissions Administrator – Mrs Dinty Myburgh

Telephone:  010 007 2610
E Mail:

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