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Cliffview Primary was founded in 1970 and is situated in Fairland Johannesburg, Cliffview aims to unlock the unique and multifaceted potential of each child so that they are able to make a contribution to society.  Cliffview Primary is a co-ed English medium public school, offering a positive learning experience from Gr RR to Gr 7. At Cliffview we strive to unlock the unique potential of each pupil so that they are able to make a worthwhile contribution to society.

Our Strength and Values

Although Cliffview was founded in 1970, and much has changed in its appearance and size since then, its core values have endured since its inception.

The values of Cliffview extend to every facet of life and include:



At Cliffview there is the belief that each child has leadership potential which is encouraged and developed.



Cliffview’s balanced curriculum satisfies a child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, creative and spiritual requirements. They are given a solid foundation from which to grasp life’s opportunities – and excel.



Cliffview encourages teamwork and teaches by example, encouraging collaborative partnerships between governors, staff, parents, pupils and the wider community.



Essential to the enquiring mind, independence is necessary to develop a love of learning, and will help to establish the confident disposition every adult needs in their quest to become the person they were born to be.



We encourage freedom of expression and a proactive attitude in as far as they are tempered by responsibility.

Respect And Empathy

Respect and Empathy

Respect and empathy for people, different cultures, and environment are fundamental.

A Nundkissor - acting principle

Message from the Principal

Thank you for visiting our school’s website. We hope that your search has produced the desired result. We are all very proud of our school and would like you to feel this pride as you explore the site.


The children are our pride and joy at Cliffview Primary. We get a lot of satisfaction in sharing their successes and achievements. We are acutely aware that not all children achieve academically and strive to find a “spot in the sun” for all children. Our extra mural program provides some of the “sunlight” but many children achieve their accolades in events outside of school. These are acknowledged publicly at assemblies so that the child can receive the recognition from his/ her peers.


The staff members at our school are very passionate about their subject matter, the children, and the progress that the children make. Through their professional ability and organisational skills, they stretch the children to achieve their potential. High standards of work and dedication are demonstrated for the children to emulate. Many children are inspired by these examples.


The parents of our school are very supportive of the children and the school. We are blessed with a very active PTA and Governing Body. There is a group of moms who volunteer to help the children with reading by taking small groups during the morning. There are other moms who help with transport in the afternoons. The dads are also fantastic at supporting the sports teams and cooking at the various functions.


Please contact us for more information. We look forward to being of assistance to you and your children.

Best wishes
A Nundkissor
A Nundkissor
Acting Principal

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