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GRADE R APPLICATIONS – Closed on 10th of March 2017
As advised by the GDE enrolment for Grade 1 – 2018 will be on-line once again.
  1. Please go to  to apply.
  2. Once the online application has been made please come into the school and collect the schools “Additional Information” form, (which will only be given out once a WA number has been received by the school) this must be completed and returned to the school within 2 weeks.
  3. Please prepare the following documentation that will be required to accompany the “Additional Information” form.


  • Fully completed and signed “Additional Information” document.
  • Certified copy of Unabridged Birth Certificate of learner as well as the original for verification purposes.
  • Certified copies of both parents/legal guardians’ ID documents. /As well as the originals for verification purposes.
  • Certified copy of Divorce and Maintenance Agreement (if applicable).
  • Certified copies of death certificate if parent/s is/are deceased.
  • Certified copy of the Court Order granting Legal Guardianship (if applicable).
  • Where the parent/guardian is not the natural parent of the child - legal documentation supporting the legal relationship with the learner.
  • A copy of the Immunisation/Clinic Card with the 6 year booster completed as well as the original card for verification.
  • Proof of residential address of both parents. Only original utility bills will be accepted.
  • If renting: a copy of the lease agreement plus the utility bill and ID document of the Lessor.
  • Proof of permanent work address for both parents/legal guardians.
  • Proof of residence in our area COJ utility bill/Deed of Sale/ Lease agreement as well as the most recent monthly rental statement (NO exceptions will be made).
  • If renting: a copy of the lease agreement plus the utility bill and ID document of the Lessor.
  • Parents who work in our area must supply a confirmation of ‘permanent’ employment from their employer.
  • Copy and original of Permanent Residence Permit/Study Permit if applicable.
  • Certified copies of current passports for parents/legal guardians and learner (Immigrants only).
  • Certified copy of the learner’s current Study Visa (Immigrants only).
  • Certified copies of valid Passport for both parents/legal guardians/caregivers (Immigrants only)
  • No faxed or e-mailed documents will be accepted.

Should any of the documentation submitted be found to be fraudulent, we reserve the right to cancel the application.


Applications for Grade 2 – 7 may only be made at the district office.


Enrolments for Grade 7 to Grade 8 into the GDE high schools will also open online. Please contact the High school in your area to establish what documents will be required.

Parents please note this is an important process and not to be left to the last minute.


These are to be directed to the Admissions Administrator – Mrs Dinty Myburgh
Telephone 011 678 3219
E Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.